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TERM OF LIMITED WARRANTY: This Limited Warranty expires by time, 3 MONTHS from the date of sale or mileage 5000 MILES from odometer reading at the time of sale, whichever occurs first.


1. Engine Group: All internal lubricated parts; dipstick & tube; engine block and engine head(s) (when damaged by a
covered internally lubricated part); exhaust manifold; expansion plugs; flywheel; harmonic balancer; intake manifold;
mounts; oil pan; super/turbocharger; timing belt or chain; valve cover(s); seals and gaskets.

2. Transmission Group (Including Transfer Case if Four Wheel Drive): All internal lubricated parts within the transmission
and transfer case; cooler lines (metal); dipstick & tube; four wheel drive engagement motor; mounts; throttle valve cable;
torque converter; transmission and transfer case housings; vacuum modulator; seals and gaskets.

3. Drive Axle (2 wheel drive): Drive shaft, ring and pinion gears, pinion bearings, side carrier bearings, carrier assembly,
thrust washers, axle and axle bearings; wheel bearings; Universal and CV joints; CV boots; seals and gaskets. Drive axle
housing is also covered if damage is caused by Breakdown of listed lubricated parts.

4. Drive Axle (4 wheel and all wheel drive): Drive shaft, ring and pinion gears, pinion bearings, side carrier bearings,
carrier assembly, thrust washers, axle and axle bearings (Drive axle housing is also covered if damage is caused by a
Breakdown of listed lubricated parts); wheel bearings; front hub locking assemblies; Universal and CV joints; CV boots;
shafts and bearings (Case & housing is also covered if damage is caused by a Breakdown of the listed lubricated parts);
seals and gaskets.

5. Cooling: blend door actuator; blower motor; coolant overflow bottle; coolant temperature sensor; cooling fan: blade
assembly, clutch and motor; heater control valve; heater core; mode door actuator; radiator; radiator cap; recircalation
door actuator; thermostat; water pump.

6. Electrical: Alternator and starter; BCM (body control module); computerized timing control sensors; ECM (electronic
control module).

7. Fuel: Diesel fuel injectors; diesel fuel injection pump; diesel fuel lines; fuel injectors; fuel pump; seals and gaskets.

8. Air Conditioning: A/C compressor; compressor clutch; compressor pulley; compressor field coil; condenser;
dryer/accumulator; evaporator; expansion valve; idler bearing; orifice; pressure cut-off switches; schrader valves; suction
control devices; seals and gaskets.

9. Steering: Power steering racks/gears.




1. Maintain your vehicle according to manufacturer’s specifications, and keep verifiable receipts showing the
services performed, and the parts and fluids used.
2. OBTAIN PRIOR APPROVAL FOR REPAIRS, authorize teardown and diagnostic charges, and allow our
administrator to inspect your vehicle.
3. Do not neglect, abuse or intentionally harm your vehicle, race your vehicle, or use your vehicle off-road.
4. Do not continue to operate your vehicle if it will cause additional damage.
5. Do not use the vehicle in business.
6. Do not use lift kits or oversized/undersized tires.
7. Do not use your vehicle for towing unless it is equipped with a factory tow package, and you do not exceed the
tow limits.


1. Repairs that have not received prior approval or have not been authorized by our administrator.
2. Breakdowns resulting from external forces, such as acts of nature, accidents, collision, road hazards, freezing,
water, water contamination, vandalism, computer or software viruses, failure of non-covered parts, change in
technology and the like.
3. Any equipment not installed by the manufacturer; modifications or alterations to the vehicle, including frame,
suspension, transmission, engine or exhaust modifications or alterations, and any resulting damage from the
modifications or alterations; custom parts; add-on parts; trailer hitches; and fifth wheel assembly.
4. Incidental or consequential damages, such as loss of use of your vehicle, storage charges, lost time or profits.
5. Breakdowns occurring outside the U.S. or Canada.
6. Breakdowns covered by a manufacturer’s or repairer’s warranty, guarantee or recall, even if benefits are not
collectible under that other warranty, guarantee or recall.
7. Breakdowns resulting from conditions whether known or unknown to you that existed, or may reasonably
assumed to have existed, before you purchased your vehicle (pre-existing conditions).
8. Scheduled maintenance; shop supplies; adjustment and normal wear items such as the following: belts and
hoses; brake drums and rotors; exhaust system; lighting; spark plugs; ignition wires; tires; wheel balancing;
wiper blades; manual and hydraulic clutch assembly (including but not limited to manual clutch pedal, clutch
disc, pilot bearing, pressure plate, and throw out bearing); friction materials; interior parts; paint; cellular
phone; secondary or backup batteries; battery packs for all hybrid and electric vehicles; any tune up item;
distributer cap and rotor; carburetor; wheels; wheel covers; shock absorbers; water leaks; noises; navigation
equipment and entertainment systems.
9. Filters, lubricants, coolants and refrigerants, unless replacement is required in connection with a breakdown.
10. The following items: TVs, body and trim items; active, passive or supplemental restraint systems, except for
sensors and deactivation switch; glass; convertible top; on-board communications systems (i.e. OnStar);
perimeter warning systems; infrared vision systems; and driver information display module.
11. Vehicles classified by the manufacturer in excess of one (1) ton.
12. Vehicles which are branded as salvage, junk, rebuilt, totaled, flood damaged or true mileage unknown.
13. Claims on vehicles manufactured or purchased for sale outside of the United States if the manufacturer’s
warranty is voided or not in effect due to the sale of the vehicle in the United States, and as a result, the
manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the breakdown at the time of the claim. This exclusion does not apply if
the manufacturer’s warranty (if it were in effect) would have expired by its terms at the time of the claim.
14. Vehicles designed to use alternative fuels including, but not limited to, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG),
compressed natural gas (CNG) and methanol.
15. If the odometer is not working or has been tampered with while owned by you so that the vehicle’s actual
mileage cannot be determined.
16. Any liability for property damage, injury or death resulting from your operation of the vehicle.
17. Breakdowns caused by: carbon or sludge buildup; lubricant blockage; failure to maintain proper levels of
lubricants or coolants; contamination of fluids, fuels, lubricants or coolants; rust or corrosion; overheating;
foreign materials; pre-ignition; detonation; pinging; or electrolysis.
18. Breakdowns due to improper repairs.
19. Breakdowns if the vehicle is a total loss or has been repossessed.
20. Step vans, high cube vans, box body vehicles; vehicles equipped with a flat bed, dump bed, commercial towing
equipment, lifting equipment, hoisting equipment, or snow plow equipment.
21. Repair or replacement of components needed to improve operating performance, including but not limited to,
valve and ring repairs designed to improve engine compression or reduce oil consumption or automatic
transmission slipping due to worn friction plates or discs when no other failure has occurred.
22. Repair or replacement of components which fail due to normal wear and tear if the vehicle’s odometer exceeded
165,000 miles at Contract purchase date.

DEDUCTIBLE AMOUNT PER REPAIR VISIT: The amount you are required to pay per visit for covered breakdowns is $100.




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